The Open Learning Campus – An Exciting Upgrade to the e-Institute

he Open Learning Campus (OLC) will officially launch January 12, 2016 to replace the World Bank’s current e-Institute initiative. The OLC will transition the World Bank to a more dynamic, world-class learning environment that is open, interactive, and networked.
What this means for you
The OLC will allow development partners, policy makers, specialists, World Bank staff, and the broader public to apply learning to key development challenges and work through solutions together. The OLC builds on the success of the e-Institute, which has piloted a systematic and structured approach to online learning over the last four years.

The OLC will help you to:
  • Contribute to the global development agenda through robust exchanges, with perspectives coming from around the world
  • Support clients in delivering customized development solutions backed by practical know-how gathered across all sectors and regions
  • Advance knowledge about what works, combining the world’s leading development research and practitioner experience
How is the Open Learning Campus different?
The OLC offers a more innovative user experience, with expanded content keyed to your level and interests:
  • Hundreds of new offerings divided into three schools for your preferred learning experience:
  1. WBG Talks: Explore nuggets of knowledge through talks, podcasts, videos, briefs, and games that provide a just-in-time overview of materials targeted to learner-specific interests.
  2. WBG Academy: Unpack deep learning through virtually facilitated or self-directed e-courses, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and materials from face-to-face courses.
  3. WBG Connect: Engage with others through peer and expert learning, find crowd-sourced solutions to development challenges, and participate in knowledge exchanges with other WBG staff, clients, and partners.
  • New interactive portal with personalized experience and mobile-friendly interface
  • New learning management system (LMS) for online structured training
What will change for e-Institute users?
If you are a current user of the e-Institute platform, there will be a few changes that you should look out for:
  • The OLC portal will launch on January 12—only then will you be able to register in the new system.
  • For the first month after launch you will be automatically redirected from to the OLC URL. After February 12, the site will be shut down. If you are taking self-paced courses, you will continue them in the old platform until the course migrates to the new learning management system.
  • Users who have applied to e-Institute courses that start in 2016 will need to simply register in the new portal to gain access to the courses in the new platform. The course administrators will provide additional instructions to the selected participants by email.
  • In the OLC you will be able to personalize your user experience during registration. This means you will now have a customized learning catalog and calendar, be able to comment on and rate learning offerings, and apply easily for courses.
  • Certificates of completion for new courses will now be available to registered users online.
We hope you will enjoy this new library of cutting-edge learning products. Through continuous and collaborative learning in this dynamic setting, we believe we can better join together to tackle the world’s toughest development challenges.
Our Campus is Open to Help You Change the World!

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