Economic Analysis of Investments.Dates: January 05, 2015 — January 30, 2015 Application Ends On : December 22, 2014

This is a course that will provide participants the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of economic analysis, identify appropriate tools for economic analysis, use economic analysis on development projects and think critically about ongoing development projects. The course is organized into four modules:

  • Module 1: Economic Analysis as a Development Priority
  • Module 2: Economic Analysis for Investment
  • Module 3: Analyzing Economic Costs in Projects
  • Module 4: Digging Deeper into Economic Analysi

Each module uses multimedia presentations and selected readings to present the key concepts and deliver the key messages. In addition, the modules provide opportunities to apply new concepts and to broaden participants’ understanding of the topics by utilizing a combination of videos, interactive simulations, research exercises and/or case studies.

Target Audience:

Policy makers, academics, representatives of donor agencies and civil society organizations, students of development economics.

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