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By E.Sardarov. From Caspian to Lethe?

Once upon a time, the Soviet Union was world-famous for two almost legendary items: “vodka” and “ikra” (caviar). Now, what’s the status of these three: vodka is the only one still in existence (rather plentifully), the Soviet Union sank into oblivion and can be followed by black caviar, pretty soon… Cows have milk to offer as sturgeons have caviar. That’s the way the children should be taught, in the countries of the Caspian region. Theoretically, that’s true. Practically, today, sturgeon is listed in Red Data Book as endangered species. By 2005, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) imposed restrictions, again, on the export of black caviar (huso – 50%, sturgeon – 10%, stellate sturgeon – 40%) from five Caspian states. The total catch of Acipenseridae is also reduced, by 7-12%.

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By E. Sardarov , G. Suleymanova, K. Veliyeva «Blood of soil”

Somebody gets innumerable riches and unlimited power, and other – illnesses and death…

Some time american indians called oil “blood of earth”. Experience shows that indeed this treasure given us by the nature became a way of profit and bloody faction between people. “Blood of earth” was mined by the blood of people… Our group of journalists-investigators decided to hold its own inquiry to what is the life at the land polluted with oil, having chosen the object of research ancient Absheron settlement Balakhani.

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